Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Don't Judge Me...

... but I freaking watched it again!  I know, I know, I can feel my brain cells melt and drip out my ears by the second, but sometimes you need a little junk in your life.  Umm, I don't mean like... *blushes*... moving swiftly on.

The floozie that I guess we're all supposed to think is super cool because she has her own show wakes up - surprisingly, alone, despite the fact that we all saw her get into a cab with her friend's boyfriend (classy).  At breakfast, we meet her roomie and friend Anna.  Now Anna, I can get on board with.  She is smart and classy and ladylike - everything her buddy Frida is not.  They talk a little bit, Anna tries to make Frida understand that coming home in the wee hours and selfishly waking everybody up is Not Cool, and Frida looks bored because no one is talking about her.  Then she goes out to have coffee with her brother, who is kind of a geek and seems to be mostly wondering what a camera is, going by the dopey way he stares right into it the whole time.  Frida whines her face off, he listens and looks like a dope.  The end.  Fascinating stuff.

Honestly, this is a problem that I'm finding again and again in Sweden.  You first come here and they seem to be all intellectual and cultured and, you know, smart.  Then you realize that actually it's just their accents and they are as airheaded and vapid as anybody else.


Ell said...

Surprise surprise, the writer of this show is an american woman living in södermalm, just in the area you say you live!
And you just happen to be an american woman living in södermalm with a blog that has a name that is so similar to the show it's uncanny.
It also says the show g on as much online as in the "real world", and its obiously not a reality sow, since it's written.
Also, this blog was aleways so nuts I actually wondered if it could really be real, so i would not be surprised if most of it is just cooked up.

Karin said...

@ Ell Wait, I don't understand what you mean? You think OhioGirl writes the show she is talking about? Where do you see that?

Anonymous said...

There was some drama about who OhioGirl was on one of the fansites a while back, I can't remember the details and it looks like its all been deleted now - does anyone remember?

OhioGirl, you are suspiciously quiet all of a sudden, what do you have to say for yourself???

OhioGirl said...

I only respond to things that are worth the dignity of my attention. Whatever.

OhioGirl said...

You guys crack me up!!

Elle said...

Yeah, OK.
You're definetly involved in this production somehow.
Why else would the name of the show and blog be so similar?
Why do a woman with your blog listed as hers like this show on facebook, when you say you hate it here?
Why does the shows production companys website link you your blog?

Elle said...

Not to mention that your profile on facebook is friends with the writer of the show, claire duffy. Need I go on?
This blog is obviously an act.
Which is a relief, since it seemed to be written by a crazy person.