Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Things you need to know about Sweden

Six months I've been living here.  An entire half a year!

What have I learned in this time?


The potatoes and onions are in their own little section around the corner from the other vegetables in Swedish supermarkets.  Who knew?  Not little old me who literally searched for the freaking onions for about AN HOUR when we first got here.

The liquor stores are run by the government which really freaks me out because I don't feel like the King of Sweden or whoever needs to know how many bottles of rose I buy a week, you know?

How can you tell an extrovert Swede?  He's the one looking at someone else's shoes.

Just because men like to wear jeans so tight that you could count the change in their pocket, doesn't necessarily mean that they don't like women.

If you like a Swedish guy and he likes you, don't hold your breath for anything to happen because it will take SIX MONTHS and by then you'd be dead which wouldn't be ideal for a great relationship.

Every meal involves cheese.

When somebody in a store says "hej" to you, this is not an invitation to start a conversation.  You are to say "hej" back.  Not a single word more, or else they will get all freaked out and start to back away like you are a crazy American who wants to be their friend.  Seriously people, "how are you today" does not mean I want to be your best friend forever and have your babies.  Chill!

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