Thursday, June 16, 2011

Midsummer Night Dream!!

Oh my goodness!  So today is one of those summer days in Sweden where you'd think it was fall or something because there are dark clouds everywhere and you're like, umm, June?  I'd like my money back please.

But anyway!  I'm getting used to it, I guess.  The really weird thing is the light until midnight, it just really messes with your head!  I remember going to bed when it was still light out in summer... when I was about 6!  So it feels weird and cool and kind of kid-like to go to bed at adult time and you would practically need sunglasses if you stepped outside!!

It's midsummer next weekend, which I am gathering is a pretty big deal.  It's funny, because at home people are maybe like "oh, it's the longest day of the year today" ... at the most, but by the sounds of it, it's as big as Christmas here.  I guess it's half-Christmas!

I'm hearing about all these crazy traditions, like doing a dance like your a frog (umm okay... you first!) and singing songs and drinking that shnaps stuff which I tried once and it nearly blew my head off.  Maybe the singing takes the edge off?  So it should be interesting!  I guess Erik has plans for us, so I will go along and dance like a frog and sing about liquor because that's the kind of devoted gal I am!!!

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