Monday, June 13, 2011


There are some crazy people with way too much time on their hands!

I keep hearing that the Ex left me and not the other way around... umm, I'm pretty sure I remember it all right and probably know a little bit more than people who were an ENTIRE OCEAN away when it all went down, m'kay?  Seriously, who would argue with somebody about their own life?  What are the chances you are more right than me? 

Just to clear things up for the last time, I will be more honest with you all than I planned to be.  Not that I have been lying or anything, but certain things are hard to lay bare to people, you know?  But I would rather you all knew my truth than the "truth" of crazy haters.  He had a bunch of affairs.  Okay?  That make you happy now?  Last I heard, not that I care a whole lot, he was living with the twinkie secretary who yes, was the one to call me to ask me to come in for the mediation/gotcha session.  His new girlfriend - oh, trust me I get it!!!  I've thought everything you're thinking right now. 

Is it wrong that a little part of me thinks that if he had to move in with somebody it coulda been somebody a little hotter?  I'm not pretending to be a supermodel, but a little conditioner goes a long way, that's all I'm saying.   And also, if she thinks she's his one and only, she is sadly mistaken.  I guess that's her problem now, not mine... good luck sweetie!!

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BB13 said...

You shouldn't care about what people think who are thousands of miles away. They know nothing more than what others tell them. They can kiss your ass because you know how it went down.
If they don't have their own life to take care of then it's really sad to talk about another person's life. Just sayin'.