Tuesday, May 31, 2011

What the... ?!

So just as I'm all happy and announcing this as my home, the Swedes go and piss me off!!  What's that about?  I was being nice!!

I hear a lot about how they have a reputation for being rude and unfriendly and freakishly reserved and in to themselves (how do you tell an extrovert Swede?  He's the one staring at someone else's shoes), and usually I don't really agree.  Well I mean, they're not always the most friendly outgoing people, but I really respect people's right to be different and live life how they chose, you know?  If you don't want to say have a nice day to me, that's just fine.  I'll just say it to you and if you look like an a-hole for not hoping I have a nice day back, then I can't really help you there. 

But then today, I took the subway into the city to do a little shopping, and I was standing on the platform waiting for the train minding my own business, and this HUGE guy came right up to me and stood about an inch and a half away from me.  And I was like, wtf?  It was intimidating, he literally was about twice the size of me and he's just standing there, not even looking at me or anything.  After about three hours I finally figured out that he wanted to get past me.

WTF?  Who just stands there like some socially retarded moron instead of just saying "excuse me?".  What is so wrong and scary about saying "excuse me?".  I would have happily gotten out of his way, I have no reason to stop him in his clearly important journey to further up the platform, so it wouldn't have been a problem for me.  But just standing there, intimidating me as a petite woman, expecting me to read his mind.  What's that about Sweden?  So I didn't get out of his way.  Sorry, but if you want something from me, you gotta ask.  Nicely.  Then you get it.  Not before.

Have a nice day everyone!


Anonymous said...

If the guy was as big as you say, why did it take you so long to notice him? Just because things are done differently doesn't mean they are rude or wrong.

Senchaholic said...
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Senchaholic said...

Did you ask what he wanted, or did you remain silent and didn't move? :D

DL said...

I agree with Anonymous here, just because things are done differently here it doesn't mean that you are right. It sound pretty obvious that he wanted to pass, that is the usual reason for people coming close, and there is no need to say anything since the social interactions work just fine anyway if you're just a little perceptive. No need to bother other people, to invade their privacy, if you can show what you want anyway. He couldn't know that you are new here and don't understand.

DL said...

This will sound harsher than I really want, but since you used those words: Why were you standing there like some socially retarded moron instead of just moving a little when someone wanted to pass?

I know the answer - you don't know the social codes here, and I know they can sometimes be difficult becuase on the surface we are so alike, but just because you don't know the social codes here it doesn't mean that they are wrong. Honestly, a lot of people from the US seem to be completely clueless when it comes to interaction without words.

Anonymous said...

You sound like a really ignorant dumb American