Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Spring come back! Was it me? Did I say something?!!!!

So after 2+ weeks of beautifulness, winter freaking decided to show it's face again.

And of course it decided to jump up and be like "hi, remember me?  Here's a little snow to remind you." just when I finally booked a session with the Tall One.  When I called him last week he was really booked up, so it took us till yesterday to arrange a session, which I am really trying not to take personally.  I mean, he's a busy guy and a in demand trainer, I get that, but I guess I thought that maybe after everything I was a little bit more than just another client, you know?  But maybe he was just playing cool - I was the one that disappeared on him, so I guess he has to protect himself.

Anyway, we booked for yesterday morning and he showed up at my apartment at 8am and off we went... and almost right away it started to snow.  The day before we had a teensy bit of what was more like really cold rain for a few minutes, but kind of not really, so I figured it was more of the same.  But as we ran it got heavier.  And even coated the street a little bit (most of it melted as soon as it landed, but not all).  But neither of us said anything. 

We just ran, in silence, me with my heart and lungs just about to explode all over the street and trying really hard not to puke because that would most definitely send him mixed signals.  And neither of us mentioning the fact that we were running through a blizzard in May.

Then we got back to the apartment, and arranged another session for Friday and he said bye and jogged off in the snow.  And almost as soon as he went, the snow stopped.  Now I'm not gonna pretend that the sun came right out and it was springtime again, but, there was no more snow. 

What does that mean?  Is it a sign that Erik is part of my winter and I should move on even though I paid him (with HIS money so it's not like it matters).  Or is there just freaky weather in Stockholm and I'm being a nutjob.


Anonymous said...

Then again there's this Finnish saying: The new snow kills the old one. (As in making it melt faster.) Just saying. :)

BB13 said...

Believe me, you both will get over the awkward phase again. He has to warm up on you again. I mean, like you said, you disappeared. He tries to take it professional as your trainer.
Be nice to him and he'll see he doesn't have to worry.

And I'm going with the Finnish saying. He's maybe your new snow to cover up the old one and make you forget.


Viajera said...

Who nows? Keep running cuz even if he's not IT, you're doing much of this for YOU. I do admit that I *would* wonder, though. ;)

OhioGirl said...

Is that a little like the American saying of the best way to get over one man is to get under another?! Hahaha... omg I can't believe I just typed that, but it's given me my first giggle in a while :-))))))