Tuesday, May 31, 2011

The reason...

... I haven't been blogging in a while is because I went to the US for a little bit.  Can't post about life in Södermalm when I wasn't there, right?

I went for reasons I might or might not talk about someday, and some sh*t went down that I might or might not talk about someday.  So that's informative, I know.  But I just need a little time to digest, because I really don't understand people who just exist to hate and be negative, I mean, why?  Just why? 

Anyway, back "home" in Stockholm, and it really does feel like home.  I felt good getting off the plane, actually better than the first time back in winter (partly because it wasn't minus a million degrees, maybe!!) but also because it was my choice this time, I wasn't being dragged along like some pretty little obedient wife. 

Maybe my little "brief encounter" (I wish!!!!!!) on Sunday was my reward for being so brave and taking control of my life again, maybe?!

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BB13 said...

You're right, stay positive. Stockholm is a beautiful city. If you can call it home then you're half through. It gets easier. Promised!